Stalls in the Market place

Every year we host a bikers market as part of our Babe Raid   

Our markets run for 3 days Friday/Saturday/Sunday with our biggest day being the Saturday where we open our event to the whole community of the township we hold our event in. 

Our event is heavily advertised through the community for many months prior to the event

As a stall holder, you are able to choose how long you would like to open your stall for 

Our market hours over the weekend are 

                                                           Friday 3pm to 5pm 

Saturday 8am to 4pm 

Sunday 9am to 12pm 

If you would like to advertise or sell your wares in our bikers market please contact debbdagger@2wheelbabes.com or Debb Dagger on 0402913668 a stall holder package will be sent to you on inquiry

We are currently looking for stalls in the following areas

Motorcycle apparel

Leather goods

Coffee van

Food van





Trinkets and bric a brac

Motorcycle travel accessories


Massage therapy


all stall holders will be required to have their own public liability of 20million coverage and professional indemnity insurance as well as their own set up. 

If you are a food stall, we also require a copy of your food handling certificate

The cost of the stalls are very minimal and we encourage local community stall holders to attend

Stall costs start at $20.00 plus a small item donated for our raffle and prize pool.

To receive a stall holders package, please email Debb Dagger on debbdagger@2wheelbabes.com