What/ Who are 2Wheelbabes
2Wheelbabes Babe Raid's are events run to celebrate Women of all ages, who love motorcycles
These events are from 1 to 4 days long.

We have some chosen charities to which we choose to support with profits that come through these events.


  •  Celebrate women of all ages, no matter if you are a rider pillion or admirer. 
  • Promote and support the women's motorcycling community
  • Create a safe fun environment for all women
  • Promote safe riding and increase our skill sets and abilities
  • Welcome all women from any community, nationality, life diversity,club or organisation
  • Raise money to support other charities that are in need
  • Support the local community where our events are held
  • Show respect, courtesy,tolerance and acceptance for all women

2Wheelbabes does not tolerate

  • Racism, abuse, discrimination or violence towards any woman or attendee in a supporting role
  • Riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Unsafe riding practices

Our rights

The 2wheelbabes organisers reserve the right to decline any registration that they feel may result in any of the above objectives not being adhered to or if any bullying, harassment, abuse, violence may occur this includes cyber bullying towards women, our sponsors or our crew.

Our Policies

A refund or exchange of a ticket is applicable only if an event is cancelled, rescheduled or significantly relocated, and you cannot or do not wish to attend the rescheduled or relocated event. 
This policy is implemented to the extent otherwise required by law, including the Australian Consumer Law.

Applications for a refund or exchange must be made within a reasonable time.  
Please note that applications for a refund will be considered on an individual basis and as such may be refused unless the above is activated.

A refund or exchange of a ticket is not applicable as a result of a change in your personal circumstances or a change of mind. 

On selling of tickets

Where possible you are able to on sell your ticket to some one else, however we cannot always guarantee that we are able to change the size of any clothing item or the meals that may be supplied that may come with the ticket sold. 

please email manager@2wheelbabes.com if you have on sold your ticket as we will need the correct details of the ticket holder for entry. 

Changing of tickets - New policy added August 2018 
If you request to change your ticket to a ticket that is of lower value to the original ticket purchased, a $75.00 administration fee will apply.  No refund will be offered if the ticket has already been paid in full.  
No refund will be offered on any amounts that have already been paid towards the original ticket purchase price. 
Change of mind or circumstances comes under our no refund policy. 

Non attendance at events
If you do not attend an event, even if you notify the organisers you will not be attending, you forfeit any items that may have come with your ticket purchase. We do not allow the collection of items by a third party. 

Attendees 16 & 17 Years of age. 
Our events welcome women who from the age of 16 that can hold a valid learners motorcycle licence are able to attend our events. 
However we observe all liquor licensing laws and regulations at all of our venues. 

We do not support or encourage under age drinking, and as such all registered attendees that are of the age of 16 and 17 will need to vacate the venue and or evening events by 10 pm each night. 

Children at the event 
We understand that at times as busy women, we are put in situations where we are required to bring our children to an event last minute, unfortunately we are unable to allow your children to attend our events, if required and with notice, the organisers may be able to put you in touch with child minding services in the area of the Babe Raid. 
Our events are not suited for young children. 

Men at the event
Our events are women focused and therefore we do not accept any male registrations or attendee's to our events unless otherwise stipulated. 
There are at times however men who are present at the event in the roles of professional service providers, cooks, drivers, security, stall holders and sponsors.  

These men are here to provide a specific service or assistance role and do not join in with the event activities. 

We understand that some like to ride with their partners to the events and we have no issue with this. We also cannot control who stays in your accommodation over the weekend of the event.  

We do request that if your male partner does attend the location of the event with you, and does stay with you, that he please refrain from being present in any space that we are holding our activities at the time. 

We also request that if we are at a location where accommodation may open direct onto the main space we hold, that you try to secure outer rim accommodation to that space. 

If any male that is attending the location as support for their partner, encroaches or is reported to be holding conduct in an untoward manner towards our female attendee's, You will be asked to leave the event with your partner.

Community open days
At times through our events, we may hold a community open day, or community welcome time during our event.  These community open days/times gives the greater community a chance to see our event and meet and greet some of our attendees and stall holders and view our beautiful bikes when on display.  
All are welcome during these times. 

Merchandise purchases 
All merchandise purchased online will be sent via standard Australia Post mail, unless there has been express post or sign on delivery options purchased by the customer.  You will be sent an email on the day the product is posted. 
After date of email, you have 21 days to notify 2wheelbabes if you have not received your item. After this time we will assume that goods have been received accordingly.  Once posted we are no longer liable for your product. 
You will be required to show evidence that you have not received your item as we hold proof of postage evidence. 


 Celebrating Women who loves motorcycles, riders pillions and admirers