What/ Who are 2Wheelbabes
2Wheelbabes Babe Raid's are events run by women for women to celebrate Women of all ages, who love motorcycles
These events are from 1 to 4 days long.

We have some chosen charities to which we choose to support with profits that come through these events.


  •  Celebrate women of all ages, no matter if you are a rider pillion or admirer. 
  • Promote and support the women's motorcycling community
  • Create a safe fun environment for all women
  • Promote safe riding and increase our skill sets and abilities
  • Welcome all women from any community, nationality, life diversity,club or organisation
  • Raise money to support other charities that are in need
  • Support the local community where our events are held
  • Show respect, courtesy,tolerance and acceptance for all women

2Wheelbabes does not tolerate

  • Racism, abuse, discrimination or violence towards any woman or attendee in a supporting role
  • Riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Unsafe riding practices

Our rights

The 2wheelbabes organisers reserve the right to decline any registration that they feel may result in any of the above objectives not being adhered to or if any bullying, harassment, abuse, violence may occur this includes cyber bullying towards women, our sponsors or our volunteer crew.

Our Policies
we understand that at times things change and we may not be able to attend an event or occasions that we have booked/ paid for. Where possible we will try to accommodate your refund request

70 days + from the close of the event full registrations
a refund of your payment less booking and administration fees of $40.00 will be refunded

69 days - 40 days from the close of the event full registrations
a refund of your payment less booking and administration fees of $60.00 will be refunded

39 days or less from the close of the event full registrations
a refund of your payment less booking and administration fees of $90.00 will be refunded

When full registrations are closed we unfortunately cannot give any refund of your ticket purchase due to our liabilities and contracts with various service providers.

On selling of tickets 
Where possible you are able to on sell your ticket to some one else, however we cannot always guarantee that we are able to change the t shirt or singlet size ordered 
please email debbdagger@2wheelbabes.com if you require this option.

Deposits for payment plan tickets

due to the nature of the payment plan and the extra work required for monitoring we are unable to refund any portion of the initial $60 deposit paid.
Last minute registrations & Discount offer tickets
last minute registrations have a no refund policy attached to them
Discount offer tickets including early bird tickets have a no exchange and no refund policy attached to them

Non attendance at events
If you are unable to attend or choose not to attend we are unable to offer any refund of your ticket purchase. 

If you do not attend the event, even if you notify the organisers you will not be attending, you forfeit any items that may have come with your ticket purchase.

Attendees 16 & 17 Years of age. 
Our events welcome women who from the age of 16 that can hold a valid learners motorcycle licence are able to attend our events. 
However we observe all liquor licensing laws and regulations at all of our venues. 

We do not support or encourage under age drinking, and as such all registered attendees that are of the age of 16 and 17 will need to vacate the venue and or evening events by 10pm each night. 

Children at the event 
We understand that at times as busy women, we are put in situations where we are required to bring our children to an event last minute, unfortunately we are unable to allow your children to attend our events, if required and with notice, the organisers may be able to put you in touch with child minding services in the area of the Babe Raid. 
Our events are not suited for young children. 


 Celebrating Women who loves motorcycles, riders pillions and admirers