The Charities We Support

 2Wheelbabes Babe Raid support the a start in life foundation by adopting an Aussie child. We make regular donations during the year as well as contributing some of the profits of the Babe Raid to this charity as well as some to other charities. If you would like to donate an amount to this cause you can do so into the following bank account 

BSB:032 006 ACC: 424978

AC Name: A start in life 

Reference 7016 2wheelbabes

we also support the Battens association and we give a portion of the profits to this charity each year. If you would like to donate an amount to this cause please go to the following website www.battens.org.au

We have chosen these charities as they have been brought to our attention by attendees of the Babe Raid, they do not get a lot  of Government funding and they are very supportive of the Babe Raid

We also support heavily the local communities in which we host our events by inviting local stores, suppliers and community groups to be a part of our event through many various avenues.

The aim of the Babe Raid is to Celebrate Women of all ages, all bikes who love to ride. We also like to "pay it forward" and support charities that are in need of our assistance.