Bell Tower Inn dining options

Please choose either Entree and Main or Main and Dessert



1.        Potato & leek soup (GF)

2.       Garlic Prawns (GF)

3.       Pumpkin soup (GF)

4.       Mini duck spring rolls with Hoisin dipping sauce

5.       Flash fried salt & pepper calamari on salad greens (GF)



1.        Fish & chips - Fried flathead tails served with chips and a fresh garden salad

2.       Baked chicken breast stuffed- Chicken breast stuffed with Asparagus, ham & Brie cheese  served with seasonal vegetables (GF)

3.       Lamb shanks - Slow cooked lamb shanks in red wine gravy, served with mashed potato & seasonal vegetables (GF)

4.       Garlic Prawns - Australian prawns cooked in a creamy garlic sauce served with Basmati rice and fresh herbs (GF)

5.       Vegetable Lasagne – layers of grilled vegetables between sheets of pasta with Napoli sauce and topped with cheese and served with side salad (VEG)

6.      Chicken Parma - Ham, Napoli sauce & mozzarella cheese served with chips & salad

7.       Pasta Pappardelle – Napoil sauce served with grated parmesan served with rocket salad. (VEG)

8.       Spanish baked cannellini beans- Tomatoes, capsicum, spinach & red onion with side salad (VEGAN)


1.        Fresh fruit salad & ice cream (GF)

2.       Chocolate Mousse (GF)

3.       Individual hummingbird cake

4.       Sticky date pudding with warm butterscotch sauce and ice cream

5.       Chocolate Lava cake

6.      Individual Orange cake



GF = gluten free

VEG = vegetarian


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Agreement - I agree that I cannot change my menu selection after the 1st of November 2017 due to ordering requirements for the restaurant