How do I find my ticket after I have registered for an event? 

      When you register, you are required to submit an email address, your ticket confirmation will be emailed to the address that you supplied.

Your confirmation ticket will come from the email address admin@eventgate.com.au on Behalf of Deborah Dagger.

It will look like the picture below.  

You can search in your emails for this address to locate the confirmation easily.  

The subject line is Registration Confirmation.

When and where is the MEGA BABE RAID going to be held?

What are the records that will be set ?
  • Please see the list of records on this page by clicking this button 


How do I get a payment plan ticket ?

To get your payment plan ticket you just need to follow these steps. 

First go to this link  

Then make sure you select one of the $93.00 deposit tickets which are located close to the bottom of the list of tickets 

Once you have paid your deposit and received your ticket, please email manager@2wheelbabes.com with the following information 

Your name 
Your ticket number 
How much you will be paying 
The frequency you will be paying 

Each month you will receive an updated ticket which gives you the remaining amount owing. 

All tickets must be PAID IN FULL 1 month prior to the event.  If this is not done, your ticket may be cancelled and no refunds given. 


Please follow the instructions in the link below 

Do you supply a break down service?
We unfortunately cannot supply a break down service for your travels to / from or during the event. While we will have mechanics at the event, we cannot guarantee they will be able to assist if you break down

It is highly recommended that you take out membership with any of the following to enquire about membership registration please find numbers per state below.

  • South Australia - RAA Phone 08 82024600 
  • New South Wales - NRMA Phone 1300789419 
  • Queensland - RACQ Phone 131905
  • Victoria - RACV Phone 137228 
  • Western Australia - RAC Phone 131703
  • Northern Territory- AANT Phone 08 89255901
  • TASMANIA - RACT phone 132722
For all breakdowns the Australian Wide contact number is 131111

I don't feel like going will you give a refund?

When you purchase a ticket to any event, you have to agree to terms and conditions, including refund policies. 
purchasing a ticket to this event is no different to purchasing a ticket to the Grand Prix, A concert, or a sporting event.  The only difference is you can speak directly to the organiser, where you cannot do that with other events. 
Our refund policies are in line with the Australian Consumer Authority and our outlined on our website under our Ethos and our Policies.  
Please read those to find out about refunds.  Our ticket sales are NO REFUNDS for change of mind or change of circumstances.  Like other major events, you need to take out your own insurance if you feel you may want a refund later down the track. 

 I want to change the name on my ticket or gift my ticket to some one else what do I need to give you 
 To change a ticket is a very lengthy process and it does take some time to do as there is a large amount of manual changing that is required. 

You need to provide 
Your full name 
Your email 
Your address 
Your date of birth 
Your ticket number 
Your phone number 
Your address 

To swap you need to provide all of the same details for the other person. 

We cannot change tickets over when there is 2 weeks or less to the event.  the person you have sold or gifted the ticket too will need a letter from you with a copy of your ID attached  stating that they are now the new owner of the ticket. 

We do not change over things like tee size or upgrade or downgrade traded tickets.  The ticket comes as is.