This is the form you are required to fill out if you want to change your tee shirt from the crew neck to either a round or a V neck. Please ensure you measure against the size charts listed with the Tee's  
Once you have made your change we cannot change again. 

This option will close on the 10th of October. 

If you are changing your shirt and you have chosen green - you will only have an option of black or white for your Babe Raid Tee 

ALL world record shirts (which are different to Babe Raid shirts) are white no exceptions. 

If you cannot find your size, it means that we cannot get the tee in your size and you will be given the size from the original order. 

You will need to fill out the form below and submit 
Thank you


Change of Tee form

Shirt colour for Babe Raid shirt - please note only crew neck shirts come in Irish green

I agree that this is the last change of my shirt and that I have measured correctly. I agree I do not hold 2WheelBabes liable if my shirt is not fitting due to my measurements. I understand that there is no opportunity at the event to change the shirt with the event providers.